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Secure & Robust AI

Your Documents, Data and Work Are
Available Only to You

Précis uses a combination of locked data vaults and fortified servers, so your data is accessible only to you. Documents are accessed for projects but not retained for training. While Précis AI brings in learning from the world, nothing goes the other way… think of it as belts and suspenders.

Powerful Management Tools

Précis AI Makes Full AI Business Integration Possible

The combination of powerful management tools and data vault security means that AI can be safely integrated into your business processes. Managers can upload documents into a company DataVault™ so that the Précis AI can create stunning work based on exactly how you do business. Administrator controls allow for corporate level management.

  • Dramatically Better Results than Chat GPT

    Zero Prompting Required

    Our Prompt Engineers work hand in glove with deeply experienced PR pros to create specific instructions that create PR specific documents. We also train submodels to perform specific functions and then build everything programmatically into the AI.

    • Précis is Your Prompt Engineer
    • AI Collaboration Made Intuitive
    • Fine Tuned for Public Relations
    • Optimize efficiency, save valuable time
Why Précis AI?

Average Weekly Time Saved per
Précis User

*Based on Research From Xenophon Analytics
Précis AI is the best AI for Public Relations
Précis AI
Chat GPT+
Tailored Specifically for Public Relations From the Foundation
Dozens of AI models custom trained to perform specific PR tasks
Fully Integrated Advanced Prompts
Secure AI DataVault™
Index Data in the DataVault
Become a PR Powerhouse
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